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Curated by: Sheri Godfrey

I believe that we all have a story deep inside and the lessons we have learned by living that story are worthy of sharing. I have had my struggles and have often wondered ‘why me’ as the weight on my shoulders seemed just too much to bear!

After overcoming those struggles and gaining the strength needed to endure, I realized that sharing my journey was healing. Verbalizing helped release the pain of that moment and sharing the triumph of making it through helped me ‘own’ that victory. I have also found that sharing my journey gives others the strength and courage to keep trudging onward through their own journey.

I am grateful for the support of those around me and I am truly grateful of the gift that each day brings. I am a Certified Life Coach and Personality Dimensions Facilitator at “Respire & Evolve” Transitional Coaching and have a love and passion for speaking and sharing stories.

I am excited to be the curator of Spoken Lives – Kingston Area and I welcome you to join in this adventure. As women we can share from our hearts and touch other people’s lives with the stories we share. Together we can make a difference.

Originally from Nova Scotia, I now call Kingston (well technically Amherstview) Ontario, home. Tim (my hubby) and I have 4 Children and are now enjoying the role of Nana and Papa.  I look forward to sharing in your journey as we come together in a safe, heart felt space to lift each other up.  Keep checking the website for updates.



Curated by: Elizabeth Verwey

Elizabeth Verwey first learned to live alone at 55 years of age. After 36 years of marriage, she went through a divorce. She turned to friends during this life makeover. Elizabeth hosted a series of Nurture Nights in her new place. She invited friends over for pot luck evenings. Most women had a story to share about their challenges and the lessons they learned while meeting these life challenges.
These events grew as her friends invited their friends and Elizabeth wanted to move these gatherings to a more public space to make room for everyone who wanted to join us.

Now, we’re creating Circles of Support and making “herstory” by sharing our stories with one another in a more formal way. Four speakers share from the stage and other stories are shared at the tables.

Authentic Women. Genuine Community. Real Stories.



Curated by: Martha Henderson

“Take my hand, and we will make it, I swear!” was the promise I made to my sailing crew as we trained to compete for Canada in the 2008 Olympic Games. I had always been a Bon jovi fan and this song came on just as we needed it the most. I grew up surrounded by Olympians. I worked with Olympic Athletes and hopefuls in my business career but had shelved the idea that this was ever something that I could do even though I coached and competed with and against Olympic sailors. I was always “too [insert negative comment here]” to take action on my Olympic Dream. After a 15 year career in marketing, it took a decision of not wanting to live a life of “what if” that propelled me into action.

I am so excited to give the opportunity for women to tell their stories and inspire others – since it was listening to another woman’s story that inspired my action – and that has made all the difference.



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Who do you know who wants to build and benefit from a vibrant circle of support in their own community?

Spoken Lives: Stories Women Share is an established speaker series where four real women share their stories of triumph, adventure and success from the stage. This inspiring series is expanding to new cities in North America. We’re looking for Curators and Ambassadors in other cities to jump-start other Spoken Lives chapters.

Curators receive a manual to guide them as they select the speakers and set up their events. They also benefit from the monthly mentoring calls with Elizabeth Verwey.  This is a fantastic opportunity to join a supportive and connected network and a powerful way to build relationships with women in your community.

Spoken Lives Curators will:

  • Get support & share the experience with a professional and positive team
  • Establish relationships and develop new friendships
  • Acquire the skills to plan and execute remarkable events
  • Get support & share experience with a professional and positive team
  • Refine your emcee skills to create successful Spoken Lives events
  • Raise your profile, locally
  • Become part of a national team of Spoken Lives Curators!

Event Details:

Frequency of Events: We are promoting 6-8 events in your city
Format: 4 speakers share from the stage at each event (2.5 hours)
Audience: These events attract women who want to feel connected and supported by others. They are curious about others.

Let’s have a conversation about Spoken Lives in your community!

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Speaking Opportunities

Interested in speaking?

Our speakers share their stories to help others and become part of a community creating Circles of Support. Speakers condense their stories to 15 minutes and focus on the lessons learned, to reduce the learning curve for other women.

Reach out. We’re open to hearing your story.

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A word from our speakers

Sharing our experiences can build one’s confidence and faith. As a sole proprietor in a competitive, difficult industry, Spoken Lives is a foundational support for me, as I endeavour to stay true to myself and my goals. Through Spoken Lives, I am reminded that we can create communities that support one another rather than destroy ourselves through needless competition. Thank you Elizabeth Verwey for helping us to build new approaches that are sustainable and supportive.

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Faye Perkins

Spoken Lives gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and to weave together my activities – writing, weightlifting and canoeing, to make sense of how my ‘third act’ was unfolding. It was also an opportunity to share a more complete picture of myself with friends who came to listen, who were familiar with only part of my story. I received great feedback and the process itself has inspired more writing.

Madelyn Webb

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