This thought began when a friend (who’s half my age) fell and broke her foot. That simple fall resulted in 3 weeks off work and another period of time in recovery (ongoing).

I went with her to hospital and have registered each grimace and limitation and witnessed her slow recovery. It was such a challenge to get around! She has used wheelchairs, crutches and even tried a knee scooter for a week! We rolled up the carpets that were tripping hazards and moved furniture around to allow more room to get around her home. I saw how each curb or a few steps could slow her down.  

Through this time, I celebrated how capable my body was and started walking stairs instead of using escalators or elevators. I carried heavy bags and boxes instead of using my buggy. I pushed myself to do more things physical, because I can! I walked to a workshop that I presented, that was 7 kilometres away. I felt good when I got there, with lots of energy to present. I even walked home!

I always thought the saying “Use it or lose it” applied to my brain, but I’ve started to see that it could apply to my physical capabilities. I’ve taken a few Pilates lessons that have introduced me to muscles I didn’t even know that I owned! It’s been very interesting to better understand the function of these muscles and to strengthen my body for the future.

Then, on Wednesday, I missed a step and fell down hard, twisting my left foot. I thought my foot was broken, but x-rays proved that it was “just a sprain”. I’ve been taking it easy and trying to pace myself. The foot feels a little better each day and it’s tough to keep making time to heal. Rest is not my comfy place. My natural tendency is to push myself and it’s harder than I thought to take it easy! I’m on the mend, though and I’ll keep you posted.

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In my last newsletter, I spoke about blazing the trail with Spoken Lives to open chapters across the country. It’s been so rewarding to develop this community. There are several women interested in opening new chapters in 2020. It’s going to be a fun year! There will be exciting announcements at the Silver Linings Gala on November 25th!

I’ve discovered a way for every woman reading this newsletter to burn a trail into a new community. I’ve signed up to be a Beta Tester for a new app called Wengage

Wengage is a free app, exclusively for women, who choose to embrace life’s experiences and opportunities with company – rather than go to events alone or miss out. The founders heard from women, that they’ve wanted to go out (maybe while on a business trip, or at home) when their usual network just isn’t available) but a lack of company stopped them.

With Wengage you can meet up with a woman who shares your interests and wants to do the same thing in that very moment. A play? A concert? Going out to a certain restaurant? 

How cool is that? Why don’t you join me? We can offer feedback and be a trailblazer for women who will use this app in the future. Available for Android and Iphones! Lets connect to have more fun!

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