Our Silver Linings Gala raised $1,800 for charity. Mustard Seed and Project Restore: FIBI will help more families in need over the holidays.

Over the two years of our relationship with Spoken Lives, Mustard Seed and those we serve have benefited from ongoing donations of clothing, food and personal care products. The proceeds from this evening’s event will contribute to our food programs and make a better holiday season for our participants and work toward long term food security. We are deeply grateful and look forward to continue collaboration with Spoken Lives.

Ben Vozzolo

Executive Director, Mustard Seed

Attending the Silver Linings Gala will be one of my greatest highlights of 2019. Besides the amazing people that I had the opportunity to meet, I am now also able to proudly say I have participated in the joy and beauty of a community united and inspired by Spoken Lives. Every story presented was deeply touching, profoundly captivating and extraordinarily human. I left knowing the power of my own story and with a shared comfort of the both the fragility and tenacity of my humanity.

The Silver Linings Gala also generously gave a significant donation to Project: Restore FIBI. We are honoured to have been chosen as one of the recipients of the funds raised. With deep gratitude and appreciation, thank you Elizabeth, Spoken Lives and every person who attended the gala. Your kindness is changing the lives and narrative of families impacted by incarceration.

Aisha Francis

Founder and Executive Director, Project Restore: FIBI

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November 19 – 22, 2020

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