“Are you the adult that you want your child to grow up to be?”

Brené Brown

This is a little book to help parents put more fun into their days!

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Mountain of ideas contents

We are sure that you will find many ideas in this book to enjoy more time with your child/ren. Please relax and treasure this time. Take a deep breath and explore things together. Try not to focus on the end result.

Revel in the process of discovering how the paint colours blend to make brand new colours. Contemplate how you play and investigate with the little people in your life. Let it be an adventure. Re-discover curiosity!

This booklet was written by Elizabeth Verwey in the 80’s. It’s been updated and is being circulated by Spoken Lives and Sherpa Creative to support families during the pandemic of 2020. We hope it helps you with the children you know and love.

Note from Spoken Lives: Stories Women Share
Thank you for your time and attention. These ideas were discovered by Elizabeth Verwey while playing with her children in the 80’s and the virtual world was explored with her grandchildren in the 20’s. We are grateful to be able to share them with you. Thanks to Karyn Spiesman for helping me with this project.

Designed by Sherpa Creative
Sherpa Creative is multidisciplinary, working with companies of all sizes, across all industries in both the private and public sectors. No brand is too small or too large; we customize everything from campaigns to online projects to complement your brand’s positioning and development. www.sherpacreative.com

Illustrations by Karisel Nosis
Kharisel Nosis started illustrating as a hobby, but it sparked her interest to pursue studying graphic design. As a recent graduate from Centennial College, she is now building her professional career as a freelance graphic designer & illustrator. Her work is usually inspired by pop culture, typography, colours, and whimsical illustrations. www.khariselnosis.design

Click here to download the book

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