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Toronto Central

Mondays, May 25th and September 21st

Toronto West

Wednesdays, April 8th and June 3rd

Historias Mujeres Comparten

Tues April 21st, Tues May 12th and Wed June 3rd


2020 Lifestyle Workshops, by Spoken Lives

Near Queen Street East & Broadview Avenue in Toronto. Thursdays: noon – 3:00 pm (lunch included).
Tickets $25.  Click on the event title below to book - and check Eventbrite for updates.

Understanding Money Workshop

Thursday, February 27th

Sponsored by Francesca Rea, Assante Capital Management


Read about it here


Planning for the Unexpected


Thursday, April 23rd

Sponsored by Rest Assured and Elinor Shinehoft, from Shinehoft Law

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Letting Go
of Fears

Thursday, September 24th

Being Bold and Beautiful

Thursday, October 22nd

Silver Linings Gala - 23 November 2020


Silver Linings Gala

A celebration of past speakers and our community


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Our speakers share their stories to help others and become part of a community creating Circles of Support. Speakers condense their stories to 15 minutes and focus on the lessons learned, to reduce the learning curve for other women.

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A word from our speakers

Sharing our experiences can build one’s confidence and faith. As a sole proprietor in a competitive, difficult industry, Spoken Lives is a foundational support for me, as I endeavour to stay true to myself and my goals. Through Spoken Lives, I am reminded that we can create communities that support one another rather than destroy ourselves through needless competition. Thank you Elizabeth Verwey for helping us to build new approaches that are sustainable and supportive.

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Faye Perkins

Spoken Lives gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and to weave together my activities – writing, weightlifting and canoeing, to make sense of how my ‘third act’ was unfolding. It was also an opportunity to share a more complete picture of myself with friends who came to listen, who were familiar with only part of my story. I received great feedback and the process itself has inspired more writing.

Madelyn Webb

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