A fresh start!  I’ll confess that I LOVE the feeling of a brand new year! Everything and anything seems possible! I’m ready to let 2018 go and look forward to what 2019 might become. 

How do you feel about it?

A few of my friends detest the idea of setting goals in January. And, I’m relieved to say that they put up with my enthusiasm.

I take a flip chart page and divide it into the four quarters of the year (January – March, April-June, July – September, October – December).
I then divide each of those quarters into two columns. One is for personal goals, the other for my business goals. It helps me set S.M.A.R.T. Goals. 

I always look for ways to make goal setting fun! This year, I’m facilitating a Vision Board Workshop on January 10th. Materials and refreshments supplied for $20. This is a creative way to approach getting what you want in the coming year. To register or to find out more, please email Vanessa at vtynedal@chartwell.com?

Whatever you focus on, GROWS. When I look at my vision board, I remember what I’m looking for in the coming year. And, it’s easy to find what we’re looking for, right? That’s why it’s best to say that we want to “reduce our weight” to X lbs….because what do we do when we “lose weight”? We find it, again! At least, I tend to!

When I plan out my goals in advance in one place, I remember that they exist and do my best. I can check them off as they get accomplished. And, I also take time to celebrate my successes with something meaningful to me. I’ll take time to chat with a good friend or make time to “walk and talk” with someone special. Or, I’ll toast the success with a glass of white wine!

I also remind myself daily about what I’m grateful for – a habit I’ll continue in 2019. My healthy body and mind, my children, my sweet grandchildren, my friends, my boyfriend, my business that supports me, the safe community I live in…I could go on and on, and I actually do that in my Success Journal. I write down all of my successes and the things that I’m grateful for. It sure helps when I get down in the dumps. I re-read it and remember how blessed I truly am. I hope you have a wonderful year. And – come out to Spoken Lives to hear stories from women who have been through their challenges and have lived to tell the tale!

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