How do you feel about being female?
Did you ever want to be a male?

I remember NOT wanting to not be a woman, when I grew breasts and started being treated differently than my buddies who were young men! I went through a tomboy phase and really didn’t like the sexual advances that defined my experience of the 70’s. 

And then, after being married for over 4 years, I finally became pregnant! I was delighted that my body provided this unique experience. Sure, it was a roller coaster of emotions, but I was making a brand new human being! And, I was so grateful. I was delighted to deliver a healthy one and for the first time, actively sought out other women as friends. I needed to know more about becoming a nurturing mother! They taught me so much!

For the first 6 months, I exclusively breastfed, and on the morning that I decided to start some solids, I remember holding the baby up and looking at us in the mirror, naked. I said out loud, “This baby has grown in and from my body – what a miracle”.

I grew to celebrate being a woman…through motherhood and finding other wonderful women who were proactive in getting what they wanted. There can be a double standard – when a woman goes after what she wants, she’s seen as aggressive, when it’s expected from a man. 

When I was holding myself back or staying in my comfort zone, one friend used to challenge me by saying “Where is it written and who says so.” to make it clear that I could expect or ask for “more”. Her question stretched me to “go for it” many times. 

Are you aware of where you might be holding yourself back? Are you still being a “good girl”, even though there’s no longer any praise or even prizes for it? I still catch myself doing it. Dang it all! 

P.S. Happy International Women’s Day – early!

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