Those daring spring bulbs are poking their heads out!
And, I bought a plastic yellow daffodil today – to support cancer research. 

I simply LOVE everything about spring! New growth, in my business and personal life. More bird song in the air. Neighbours are out and about and we can linger on the sidewalk to update each other on what’s gone on during the winter. I heard that a new baby girl that was born a month ago…awww! 
I begin to imagine my summer travels. I even love spring cleaning – because it makes me feel that it might be possible to organise my life! New hope! 
I’m reminded of the first winter that we drove from Toronto to Florida and at each rest stop, there were more signs of spring. We were able to ditch our winter coats on the first day, as it warmed up. Then, by lunch time we noticed the buds on the trees. By the time we stopped for dinner, the fragrance of blossoms was on the breeze. 
I know that the progress is slower in real time, but lets stay alert for signs of spring over the next month? Whatever we focus on, GROWS. I’m ready for all the amazing birds to return and the trees to bloom and new life to spring from the ground, my mind and my heart! Wishing you new ideas and spotting more of what you really want this spring!

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