It’s been a rough month! I had shingles and was in pain, every day. When it was at it’s worst, I found a new understanding of how tough it is for people who live with chronic pain. It’s so draining! It felt like having a fussy child with me, all the time. Nothing I did made a difference.

Because I am who I am, and I’m self-employed, I pushed through and did what needed to be done. I gave a presentation to my business group on a Wednesday morning. And, I left my back pack on the subway that afternoon, while rushing to my dentist appointment. It was just dumb luck that my cell phone was in my coat pocket and on the subway, I’d taken out my daily planner to write in a date, and put it in my briefcase.

My wallet and apartment keys were in my backpack. And, everything was in my wallet! Health card, driver’s licence, gift cards, movie passes, cash and all my credit cards. I questioned my sanity – keeping all of them in there. I hadn’t lost my wallet in so long that I’d become lax.

That voice in my head started up. I beat myself up, pretty badly. “Oh, why did you do that? What a fool! Oh, Elizabeth!” Who’s voice is it, anyway?

I tried to quiet those negative messages, by reminding myself “I am healthy, I am wise. I was distracted and made a mistake. I forgive myself”. (What? Am I the only one who talks to myself?) I told myself not to worry, but that didn’t work. I now felt that I was distracted by having a fussy child and a whining dog!

I didn’t sleep well. A stranger had access to my address and keys! I even put furniture against the door at night! A few friends found that funny. I felt off balance and quite alone in my little drama. I put my bank and credit cards on hold. It helped that I had a list of which ones I owned in a file.

The next day, I dropped by the TTC lost and found office (at Bay station, should you need it) and they told me that most of the backpacks come back and to phone in, regularly. I did and started to lose hope on day four and got my lock changed. I slept better that night.

Then, on day six, they told me that it was there! I rushed down to pick it up and every single thing was in my back pack! It was all cleaned up and organized, but all the money, gift cards, credit cards, health card and drivers licence were there. My own little miracle. I am delighted with “Toronto the Good”!

All of a sudden, I felt wealthy! I have movie passes, gift cards, and all my ID back. It’s such a great feeling! I have my equilibrium back. Whew! So very grateful. That’s something to look for as spring unfolds. What are you grateful for? I see the buds on the trees. The temperatures are rising. By the time I write to you in June, summer will be around the corner!

I’m carrying much less in my wallet now. I’ve culled the credit cards and store a few gift cards in my desk. The shingles are gone…just a little tingling remains. I feel much lighter, now.

I’ve booked a trip to Vancouver in July to visit family for one week and I have another week out there. Can you think of a woman you know who might want to meet me to learn about Spoken Lives? I’d love to get a chapter established out there. I’ll mentor and support her or someone she knows, to get going. Who do you know who might want to support other women to share their stories of adventure, challenges and successes and what they learned along the way? I’d love to chat with them in May to let them know about this opportunity. Please ask them to view and call me at 416-729-1713 if they want to know more? Thanks so much!

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