I trust that all that rain washed away any stress of the month of May. It’s sure been great for our trees! Happy June! Here we are…entering the month that kicks off our summer season. I know that we’re about to get some of that lovely spring/summer weather. I just know it! (crossing my fingers and toes!)

I was catching up with a friend last week and she said “I love that you celebrate me and my wins”. “That’s what friends do”, I said with confidence. She told me that not everyone can celebrate other peoples wins. I’m gobsmacked. I find it pretty inspiring when someone has good things happen to them or they work hard and make some gains. I feel SO proud of them! My heart bursts a little for them. It gives me hope that these wins are within my reach. I know that there’s more than enough good stuff to go around. It’s such an amazing world.  

Yet, it’s much easier for me to celebrate a friend than it is to celebrate myself. I can celebrate a specific success I’ve had, but not “me” or my part in having the success. There’s not much more to say about it. I believe in all my heart that the harder I work, the luckier I get…but many of the best things that have come into my life have arrived easily. When I work hard for a win, I celebrate that win. When things arrive easily, I carry on, grateful for the win. It’s an observation that I thought I’d share with you. Do you have the same challenge? Or, a variation on this theme? How do you celebrate, YOU?

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