I just returned from a 2 week break in British Columbia! What a treat! I feel refreshed and relaxed and am so happy that I could work out the details. I had a week with my daughter and her family in Vancouver and was able to swim and put on a puppet show with my granddaughter. We also had some quality play time!

Ferry sunset

Then, I took a 20 minute float plane over to Nanimo and a short ferry ride to Gabriola Island to visit women that I hadn’t actually met!  I’m a member of Women Welcoming Women Worldwide. I stayed with Carol on Gabriola Island and Laurie in Nanimo! This organization was founded in 1984 by Frances Alexander in the UK. We pay a membership fee and host each other around the world. I’ve travelled to a few places that I would not be able to afford if I had to pay for my accommodation. And, I’m meeting new friends as I travel. Wonderful, interesting women. It also provides a comfortable way to travel solo. Each of these kind women took time to share their favourite local spots with me. We went hiking and took walks along the beach. I was introduced to the Arbutus tree – which I had not noticed before. It’s got red bark and it peels away in an intriguing way.

We shared our stories with one another. Everyone has a story, right?

This time away gave me a different landscape to enjoy, family time, extra sleep, quality play time and new people to meet. I treasure coming back home, of course. But, it’s a good reminder to me, that we each need to create time to recharge ourselves. Near or afar. I really loved being closer the ocean! Time in nature, playing with children or being around original art recharges me. What’s the best way for you to refresh and recharge yourself? Can you make time for it before we lose all of this beautiful summer weather? Enjoy…

I enjoyed taking most of the month of July off this summer and last summer. Being self-employed, it’s a bit of a stretch to take the whole month off, but when I plan my holiday around renting out my own place, it’s been a breeze.  I pay my basic bills with my rental. AirBnB has insurance, in case anything goes wrong. Nothing ever has and I’ve rented it out a dozen times. If you have a spare bedroom, it’s a perfect way to bring in some extra income. Let me know if you have any questions or I can help you plan your next holiday? Use this link to sign up to explore AirBnB, to find out what’s possible?  Thanks!

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