What do you want? What do you really want?

We are so lucky to be able to consider that question! For most of our readers, our basic needs are met. We consider where we want our lives to grow, not where we will get our next meal.

That’s why there’s an element of giving back at every Spoken Lives gathering. We celebrate our good fortune by discovering charities and projects that are making a difference to women who need a leg up. We give donations of items, time and money to these groups. Everyone wins! Our attendees feel grateful to be able to contribute and these groups pass our gifts along to support people who are going through a rough time. 

And, then we can ponder what we really want. How do you focus on your goals? Or, do you? I make a vision board each year and look at it regularly to remind myself where I’m going. Have you made one, recently? They’re so much fun to create! Mine has images of healthy food, nature, family connections, the owls I love and my burning desire to be a trailblazer.

My BIG dream is to build a community of women who connect through Spoken Lives chapters around the world! Women sharing their own stories from their scars, not their wounds. They share the lessons they learned and the silver linings they have discovered from going through these tough times. We glean many insights for ourselves when we listen to other people’s stories. 

So – I’m building a network of Spoken Lives communities. I don’t know how I’ll get there, but it might be word of mouth. Who do you know who is eager to build a community of women in their area to share honestly about the challenges we face? Who wants to meet amazing women and discover unique speakers? I will mentor these women to create their community and they’ll learn more about how resilient we really are! I’d love an introduction to your connections, so I could let them know more about this passion project!

The best way to meet your goals is to have accountability buddies! Do you share your goals with a few people? Do they hold you accountable to the action steps toward those goals? Would you like to join a group that meets this fall? It makes a big difference to your success! 

The Mentors Circle is a model I developed in 2000. A proven peer mentoring group, with a track record. The term begins on Wednesday, September 25th (10 to noon). Who do you know who wants to block off time to focus on their goals for 2 hours each month? The group is limited to 12 people. We meet near Broadview and Danforth in late September, October and November. This term is 3 meetings over 3 months and you will become more focused and get more important work done. This is especially effective for business owners. Also suitable if you have a large personal project or goal and need to brainstorm and problem solve and plan to become more focused. Only $300. + HST for the term (all materials supplied) Go to The Mentors Circle to learn more. It would be great to see you there!

For those of you who can’t make it out to the group, best wishes as we shift gears from summer to fall. These summer breezes will blow in the cooler temperatures of fall, this month. That prompts us all to get back inside and focus on the tasks at hand. I still feel like I want to go back to school each September. Do you?   

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