Of our own lives, anyway! The beginning of a new decade offers the chance to look back – at the decade or the past 365 days and reflect on what worked for us and what didn’t. I’ve had a total life makeover in this past decade and took an hour to review what had changed. Everything. 

Then I reviewed the year. I looked through my daily planner for 2019 as I use it to plot out my plans as well as book my appointments. I had a few regrets and more things that I was very grateful about!

One regret that stands out is that I missed a funeral of someone who was dear to me. I’ll visit her grave site to say goodbye and thank her for what she brought into my life. As a result of this regret, I went through my cell phone and put a star beside every person I want notified upon my death, so that no one will miss out on my funeral – as it will be a fun event! I’ve gained a few pounds over the year, so I’m starting a splashy (drop in) swim club in my building – so we can have fun together and burn a few calories this winter. Accountability is my best success insurance plan! If someone is counting on me, I’ll be there. 

I’m so grateful for my sweet apartment in the heart of the city. It provides a safe haven for me to recharge my batteries and it’s close to the subway (my reliable chariot).

A few of the other things I’m grateful for:
I’m eternally grateful for my good health!
My business that provides for me in this expensive city.
My children, granddaughters and boyfriend.
The longstanding friendships that were maintained through quality time spent together (on the phone or sharing food).
A few new friendships that show great promise.
The first Silver Linings Gala went so well that we’re planning another one! 

It’s so satisfying to review what’s working well and what I want to shift. 

One of my favourite quotes:
“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness” James Thurber.

I posted this on my bedroom wall years ago and reflected on it when I woke up each morning. It helped me consider things that I think about my first thoughts and decide what I could do today. I still check in with it. Steady progress is what I wish for myself. When I get frustrated, my niece reminds me “We’re just gathering information to make better decisions, Elizabeth” She’s a wise woman. 

So, here we are! We’re through the holidays and already living in 2020! The United Nations has dubbed this year the “Year of International Plant Health”, reminding us that we are dependant on plants for our food, for the air we breathe and for shelter in many parts of the world. We need healthy plants if we ever hope to end world hunger. We all live on one planet. Lets see what we can do for it in 2020. 

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