Understanding Money – A Lifestyle Workshop by Spoken Lives – February 27, 2020


Are you happy with your emotional relationship with money? At this experiential workshop, you will achieve a deeper understanding of the relationship you have developed with money and what steps you might take to improve how you deal with money. You will learn some tips and tricks and create your personal goals for using this useful tool in the future. Francesca Rea, from Assante Capital Management will also present some interesting approaches to using your money.

Tickets are $25. in advance (includes your lunch). This series of Lifestyle Workshops are held at Mustard Seed, 791 Queen Street East (east of Broadview Avenue)  Tickets on Eventbrite.

There are 3 more afternoon events in this series of Lifestyle Workshops. Planning for the Unexpected on April 23, Letting go of Fears on September 24 and Being Bold and Beautiful on October 22nd.    

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