Planning for the Unexpected

We planned our series of Lifestyle Workshops in January and this one was very timely with the COVID-19 lockdown. Our experts offered valuable information and additional tips came in from our participants.

I’ve been working with Ahna DiFelice from Rest Assured for three years and it was a pleasure to invite her to share her expertise with everyone. Ahna is an ‘End of Life Consultant and Death Doula’. She has been helping me get everything in order and it makes me feel very happy. Both my children live out of province and when I die, I don’t want them to have to guess what I want or to travel repeatedly to deal with what could be predictable.

Ahna helped us consider some “What if…” scenarios and asked us to reflect on an unexpected event that we have faced in the past. What were a few of the favorable and unfavorable outcomes? It helped us see that we could take the guesswork out of what we really want for the people left behind. Ahna is available to help you, too. Reach out through her website.

I got to know Family Law Lawyer Elinor Shinehoft from Shinehoft Law through CAWEE (Canadian Association of Executives and Entrepreneurs). She addressed common questions about Family Law. Elinor outlined all the important documents to have in place before you cohabitate or re-marry. She also advised us to check with our parents to find out where they store their original Will. If it’s locked in a safe, it’s accessible after death, only to the Estate Trustee. There could be complications if their lawyer has died or retired, if s/he holds the original document.

Many people are getting their Wills updated this year. This virus has been a stark reminder that we can have only days to organize our paperwork once we or someone we love gets seriously ill. It’s wise to have these papers in place and be able to focus on people and saying goodbye. Did you know that the term Executor has been replaced by the term Estate Trustee? There are document names that have been updated and Elinor offered to have a brief conversation to sort out what you need. Please reach her through her website.

Additional Tips from Participants

I shared that I have marked my primary people to call in case of emergency with the letters ICE in front of their name in my cell phone. If an emergency worker assists me, they will know who to call. I also chose a unique emoji to mark the people I want to be notified of my death. A note about this is in my “Death File”.

One family keeps their Wills in the freezer so they’re accessible should anything happen. That’s so clever! A safe would be locked and make the Will inaccessible in case of emergency.

I recently added a list of the medications I take in my wallet and registered online to be an organ donor. Getting ready for the expected and unexpected and it feels so good!

Our next workshop in this Lifestyle Workshop Series is ‘Letting Go of Fears’ on Thursday, September 24 (7:00 – 9:00 pm). When I turned 55, I decided to let go of the fears that no longer served me and it changed my life. It’s a work in progress and celebrates the adventure of being alive. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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