I was thrilled when Irma Paredes called me to inquire about launching a Spoken Lives chapter to highlight the stories of Spanish speaking women. Yes! She got busy and brought the women she knew together and hosted a couple of wonderful live events before COVID hit.

Then, Irma hosted two events, online. That was awesome, because there were no geographic boundaries.  Irma has great connections and was able to invite speakers and participants from other cities and countries. Irma named it Spoken Lives: Historias Mujeres Comparten.

Irma has moved on to explore other opportunities. We want to thank her as she was very helpful in keeping me on track as we planned the Silver Linings Gala in 2019 and was an important part of the team as she supported other chapters at their live events. Watch for Irma in your own circles! She’s a loving woman and one you will want to get to know!


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