I get shivers down my spine seeing the leaves fall from the trees, leaving them naked to face the winter elements. I feel lucky that I get to stay inside and if I want to go outside, I can wear as many layers as it takes to feel comfortable. I’m still taking my morning walks and yesterday was the first day that there was frost on almost everything. I have adjusted to spending more time alone. I’m re-discovering ways to self soothe. Bubble baths. Writing in my Journal. Deep Breathing. Colouring. Stretching. Chocolate.

Trick or Trash. Did you hear about this new tradition for Halloween? The kids are asked to dress in costume and go out to pick up litter. They can return home for their treats, afterwards. When I heard this, it dawned on me that most of my holidays were modified in 2020. Easter. Mother’s Day. Canada Day. Birthdays. Thanksgiving. Now, no trick or treating. How will we remember this year?

For now, I will make a choice to search for the silver linings. This new normal has no geographical boundaries. I reach out to my family and friends online and set up visits more often than I did before. I’ve become closer to people overseas. I’ve taken special interest classes online in other provinces that would not have been feasible to attend in person. Online exercise classes have enabled me to taste test new exercises I want to try, without revealing how bad I am at these new moves. Most church services are online and we can attend any one of them. Hear messages and sermons in other religions or languages (if you’re studying another language).

One of my secrets to this online world is not to sit too close to my monitor. I’ve learned that if I sit back from my screen, I can be online for longer periods. For some meetings, I place my computer on a plastic bin to be able to stand. I get to use different muscles and improve my posture, too.

I’ve also been learning from the wise women in my building. Focus on what I can control. They are trading knitting needles and recipes. Swapping supplies and materials. Walking our hallways, with their masks on. Going out for car rides, together. They are isolated and with the car windows open and one driving and one in the backseat, they feel pretty secure.

Please celebrate with us on this cold month at our Silver Linings Summit from November 19-22? Let’s delight in our online community, together. Hear from a scientist studying hormones, sleep and dementia to a sex therapist who owns Good For Her, to a Physiotherapist who will offer life hacks. I’ve selected the most interesting experts and speakers I know to contribute to your life and overall health.  I’ve curated eight stories and interesting experts over four evenings. If you do miss anything, you’ll have the recordings. We’ve even gathered a valuable Digital Bonus Bundle that’s included in your ticket price. It’s our last event in 2020 and we could really use your support and engagement. We’ll be auctioning off some wreaths at the events to raise money for a charity that helps homeless and marginally housed women. Please spread the word? www.spokenlives.com/summit It’s a great way to honour what we’re doing at Spoken Lives.

We heard from so many of you that Spoken Lives is important to your life. In 2021, we will curate and host four events online and be prepared to host live events when it’s safe to do so. It will be very nice to be able to give you an in person hug! Until then, I’m sending you virtual hugs!


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