Happy Summer! Yes – July offers full on summer in Ontario. 

As the number of fully vaccinated people rise and COVID numbers drop, the restrictions are lifted. We can start easing back to doing things that we used to do.

My aim is to only add back things that are meaningful to me. I used to run around doing so many things that I don’t miss now. It’s the visits with people who are near and dear to me that I miss the most.
I just had a visit with one of my granddaughters. That first hug was exhilarating! It’s been a year! We spent the day outside and explored a park and played silly games and hung out and filled ourselves with each other.

What will you embrace once our restrictions ease? A few of us will rush right out and do it all. Some of us will choose carefully and do the most important things first and wait for the less important. A few will continue to stay locked down. It’s going to be interesting to observe our own reactions to the shift. I’ll be hesitant to go to large events. Do what suits you and wait for the rest. All in good time, I say. I’d love to know how you’re feeling about emerging from lockdown?

I’m also enjoying the things that I’ve added to my life during lockdown. Right now, I want to keep my extra reading time, my writing time, my self care, and more intimacy. I’m aware that each time I add a party, networking event, commuting time to spend face to face with clients, time with friends…I’ll be chipping away at “me” time. It will be a trade off and I want to choose wisely.

I had my first getaway this weekend with a long time friend. We have never travelled together in Ontario and we had such a great time! We stayed at an empty apartment of another friend’s and explored the Bruce Trail and ate amazing ice cream and took lots of walks around a small town. It filled me up in a way that I haven’t been in years! Have you planned any trips? I hope to get to Thunder Bay this summer. Do you have any recommendations of what to do, there?  

A corrected link for some silly fun! Blob Opera is fun for everyone! Share it with friends you know who need a lift.

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