I’m a big fan of maintaining a bucket list. With lockdowns and restrictions, it’s been tougher than ever to decide what will stay on my list.

My ‘Lockdown Vision Board’ really helped get me through the last few years. On it, I added pictures and goals that I could accomplish during lockdown. Mentally, it’s been helpful to focus on what I can do, rather than what can’t be done.

I thought that we could all start thinking about our travel goals in 2022, but that may have been optimistic. A few friends are travelling, but they are holding their breath for negative COVID tests, and that kind of tension does not suit me. Luckily, I live in an amazing country where I can travel and experience the variety of each province. I plan to visit family in British Columbia and Nova Scotia this year. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it will be safe to do so. It’s been too long since I saw them.

In a recent Zoom meeting, I was asked what ONE WORD I wanted to focus on in 2022. I was overwhelmed at the idea of choosing only one word for all the aspects of a busy year. This turned out to be such a great exercise for me. After taking time to reflect, I knew that my word was Kindness.

Everything can be enriched by kindness. Each interaction with a person or animal is improved with kindness. Food tastes better when it’s cooked with kindness. It’s priceless to practice kindness. I’m reminded of this quote:

“Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.”
Charles Glassman

It can be a struggle to be kind to a person who is not happy. My plan is to stay the course and try anyway. That person needs kindness more than the person who appears to be happy.

What ONE WORD will you choose to focus on in 2022? Give it some thought and let me know? Thanks!

In fact, please tell me what’s coming up for you this year. Maybe I will get the chance to support you in some small way. The more people we let know what we are looking for, the more chance we have to find it.

I’m on the cusp of a Bucket List breakthrough. I’m launching my first online course in February and I’m very excited. It’s called ‘Your Applause Academy​’. It’s a three-part course that teaches people how to build a success story. It shows them how to build a speaker or storytelling series and how to make some money doing it.

It combines what I learned by founding Spoken Lives six years ago and by mentoring other speaker series. This is a goal that I’m proud of achieving as technology makes me uncomfortable. I have accomplished many breakthroughs to achieve this goal.

Who do you know who is building or wants to build a speaker series, storytelling community or poetry series? Please let them know about my upcoming course.

Photo by Ditto Bowo on Unsplash

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