​Self-love allows us to nurture ourselves so we can live more comfortably in our own skin. We can find joy in simpler things when our own cup is full. I heard that we can even live longer when we take good care of ourselves.

Yet, how do we regain or maintain our own physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health?

A good night’s sleep is an important pillar for most women. If you are not sleeping well, ask for support from a friend or health practitioner. Asking for help is another pillar for me. I ask for what I need.

I know that I need to get enough exercise each day to sleep well at night. What works well for you? A bubble bath and a bedtime tea (Valerian) works wonders for me when I don’t get to exercise. I also take Magnesium and Vitamin D every night. Test and measure different things to find out what works well for you. Tell me what works and I’ll share some of those ideas in the March newsletter.

A morning routine is helping me stay energized this winter. Stretching, journaling, and making moments of playfulness and laughter throughout the day keep my energy high. I often find the playfulness and laughter on social media platforms. I’ll even dance (and no one is watching) in between Zoom meetings.

The food we eat can impact our energy and mood. I’m addicted to sugar right now and it’s not useful to me. I know and accept that for this moment in time. How is food impacting your mood?

Spiritual practices are another wonderful way to maintain our energy. There’s a wide spectrum of practices in North America. My reliable practice is self-treatment with Reiki.

When we take good care of ourselves, we can offer kindness to another without crashing and burning. How many times do we need to learn that lesson? I know that I’ve been taught it several times. I feel that I’m getting a little better at the balance.

The give and take of energy is a delicate balance that all begins with us and our ability to set boundaries. We can say no to people we love. When we do, it makes room to say yes to ourselves.

February can be an isolating month in colder climates. I’ve posted a book called ‘Baby Focus’ that I wrote years ago about staying in touch with babies from a distance. These ideas can offer inspiration to stay in touch with many people who you want to connect with from across the miles. You can ‘share a meal’ by each of you ordering a specific meal (think Chinese, Indian, etc.) and enjoying a video visit with your dinners, ‘together’. Get the ‘Baby Focus’ booklet here. Feel free to share it with friends you know who have a baby or child who they don’t get to see on a regular basis.

Photo by Alli Remler on Unsplash

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