I think that’s what we’re doing at Spoken Lives by curating stories that we find empowering. It was so helpful for me to hear other women’s stories when I went through my late-life divorce. It was a lifeline to a future I couldn’t imagine. Women shared that a few years after their own divorces, they felt happily single or had met new people and found love again. I couldn’t imagine it, but I believed them. It kept me going.  

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

I have blossomed in ways I never could have imagined. This growth may not have been possible inside my marriage. Now I’m keen to support others to grow the way they want to grow, in or outside of their relationships.  

A few people have called me their cheerleader. Others have accused me of having ‘Pathological Hope’ that everything will work out. I guess that’s true. If it hasn’t worked out, I feel that I’m not quite finished.

I might save myself time and money if I stopped a project early on. When the going gets tough…it’s just not in my nature. I’ll take a break. Then, dive back into it.

I do like to celebrate the small steps along the way. Small wins. It’s very important to me to acknowledge the micro-successes as I move toward the finish line on a project. When I forget to celebrate the steps, it can start to feel like a marathon to get to the end.

If you feel like you’re on a difficult road, look for something to celebrate. Anything at all.  A small win or something that you are grateful for, today. This small boost can give you the energy to get you back into your project.

I’m nearing the end of a marathon right now. I’ve written a 3-part online course called ‘The Applause Academy’. I will launch it this spring and will share more as we get closer. It will teach others how to start, grow or monetize a speaker series. I’ve learned so much over the last 6 years and want to share this information with people who have stories to share with the world.

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