​Our world is opening up and we can get back to our favorite activities. I’m being selective. I go out to dinner with special friends. I’m going out to see plays because I love theatre. It’s fun to pick and choose what I want to do. I’ve spent more time alone in the last 2 ½ years than I have in a decade. It’s been an adjustment to go out and about now.

I’m not eager to go out to coffee shops and meet business contacts. I’m happy to stack my online meetings back-to-back. It saves me time and as the temperature drops, I don’t plan to bundle up and move from place to place for my business meetings. I am eager to visit friends in their homes and host them here. We need to catch up and see all the home improvements we’ve done!

I walk every day for pleasure and to do my errands. As I watch the leaves turn color, I celebrate my favorite season. Even the foods have more color. The yellow and orange of squash and pumpkin. The delicious red cranberries and cranberry sauce. Corn on the cob. Those cute little gourds!  

I also feel a sudden urge to sew things. I love sewing! I went to a fabric store recently and it felt like the best kind of fun. My imagination went wild as I looked through the pattern books and felt the fabrics. Those cozy fleeces, comforting corduroys and sexy silks. My senses tingled.  No calories, either! I restricted myself and bought a few things to find out if I’ll finish up these projects.

My plans are often bigger than the time available to me. I have a few projects and many books waiting for my attention. I have two leftover projects that I had planned to make as Christmas gifts last year that I plan to finish up this year.

How are you feeling about getting back together in groups with people? I’m waiting to hear that you are ready to get together and we’ll plan and curate another Silver Linings Gala in Toronto. I’d love to celebrate the 200 speakers who have shared their stories with us. I’ll wait for the appropriate time.

What does the fall season urge you to do? There’s still a back-to-school vibe in the fall for me. I’m committed to learning more about the tech needs for my new project, Grow at Your Pace. It’s been fun to share free resources and online courses with people who are eager to learn new things. We are curating new courses from other people in 2023. If you know an expert who’s interested in offering a course online, please introduce them to me? I’d like to find out more about their area of expertise to see if it’s a good fit for our boutique site.   

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Do you want to learn how to curate and host a fantastic series to raise your profile?

After curating Spoken Lives for 7 years, I want to share the business layer of having your own series. I have developed an online course to teach others how to Plan, Launch and Earn with their own Speaker or Storytelling Series. Sharing our stories can be a powerful way to heal ourselves and others.

I’ll be launching this course, Your Applause Academy from Grow At Your Pace, soon and sending out a notice so you will be the first to know about this important step in my new journey.

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