When we were kids, we used to dig deep holes in the yard and tell our dad that we were going to dig all the way to Australia! He believed in us. I guess it kept us busy.

When Dad visited Australia on a business trip, he brought us home a boomerang. It was beautifully painted with Indigenous patterns. We had trouble getting it to work and ended up hanging it on the wall as a decoration. I used to gaze at it and daydream about Australia. He even tried to mimic the haunting sounds of the wind instrument he heard, the didgeridoo.

We never did reach the other side of our wonderful globe. I have been lucky enough to travel and have explored other countries in this world, yet Australia remains on my bucket list. Until now.
I’m just getting over being sick for two weeks and that gave me some time to ponder what I wanted to do before my travelling days become limited.

I decided to dig deep into my wallet to take the trip of a lifetime. I’m going to Australia for the month of March! I’m so excited! My main stops there will be Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

On my way, my flight will stop over in Auckland, New Zealand for a day and I’ll do a quick tour that city. Then I fly to Sydney for a week, fly to Melbourne for 10 days and then take a train to Adelaide for the remainder of my month ‘down under’.

These longer trips (taken solo) are enriched for me by being a member of Women Welcoming Women Worldwide. We are a group of travelers who host each other in our homes. We show each other around our cities and talk about the best places to visit on a budget. When we become members, we list our hobbies, and we connect with women we want to meet.

While I’m in Adelaide, I’ll be the ‘Writer in Residence’ for a week at the Aayla Studio near Aldinga Beach. I’ll be working on my new book ‘Til’ Death Do Us Part’. Mostly, I’ll write, but I also plan to interview a few people who took care of their exes when they got ill or even died.

I’ll deliver a writing workshop about bringing our five senses into our stories. I’ll also get to discuss different writing projects with locals. I’m honoured to be a ‘Writer in Residence’ and look forward to sharing more about my trip on my own social media while I’m there. Follow my personal Instagram or Facebook (@Elizabeth Verwey) to get the ‘up to the minute’ scoop. Thanks!

We are curating new courses from other people in 2023. If you know an expert who’s interested in offering a course online, please introduce them to me? I’d like to find out more about their area of expertise to see if it’s a good fit for our boutique site.   

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After curating Spoken Lives for 7 years, I want to share the business layer of having your own series. I have developed an online course to teach others how to Plan, Launch and Earn with their own Speaker or Storytelling Series. Sharing our stories can be a powerful way to heal ourselves and others.

I’ll be launching this course, Your Applause Academy from Grow At Your Pace, soon and sending out a notice so you will be the first to know about this important step in my new journey.

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