“Sometimes we fall asleep, get lost, or forget that we are such splendid, forgivable, adorable souls. We step into lives that aren’t ours, make choices that aren’t nourishing, or dance stiffly for years with the wrong partner, or parts of ourselves. Some say life is short. I say life is tall – grab a straw!” 

Sue Janzen sent this SARK quote in her newsletter, and I wanted to share it with you. Sue will share her own story on April 24th about preparing to move to France at our ‘Spoken Lives’ event. She’s one of five wonderful women who will share their story on that special evening.

I’ve lost track of how many meaningful quotes I’ve read of SARK’s. It was a delight to read this one. I don’t remember it. Maybe I was still asleep when I read it? I certainly felt lost for a long while, at the end of and after my first marriage.

Each significant birthday woke me up a bit. Turning 50 shook me as my older brother died shortly after he turned 50 and I think I had a re-birth. I count each birthday that I have had after 50 as a ‘bonus’ year. I started to consider what I wanted to tolerate? I started to challenge the constraints I was living.

At 55, my marriage was winding down. Then, by 60, I was on my own and trying to figure out what type of life I wanted as a single woman. It’s been a wonderful ride, now that I feel more awake.

I’m intentionally hanging out with other women of all ages to stay awake and continue to do things that I really want to do. To grow into being a better version of myself. I’m inspired by each maiden, mother, and crone. When I find someone who’s alive, I’m all ears! Curious, gathering information, searching, and learning. I don’t have to be confined by my past norms or other peoples’ rules.

I have a dear friend who has asked me over the years: “Where is it written and who says so?”. That question has supported me to keep exploring. I often wonder why I feel comfortable with the things that I do. Did I learn it in my family, at school, or from my friends? I know my culture has shaped my beliefs and, the more I travel, the more differences I understand.

It helps me ask if I want to continue to believe the things I do. I ponder that for a bit. Do I want something else? This life can be a ‘choose your own adventure’ if we take time to consider the choices we are making. Small shifts can make a big difference!

I’m planning some extra fun events this year. The first event is a Curated Photo Walk with Kwasi on Saturday, February 24th (4:00 – 8:00 pm). Tickets are on Eventbrite. Hope you can make it! No photo skills required.

I’m collaborating with others to create other fun events this year and will share them as things firm up. This year is going to be a good ‘un and I hope to see you on the path! Wishing you some great times!

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